Thursday, February 23, 2012

Personal Projects

I decided this year that I would have a project to work on every month. It started with the January Photo A Day challenge that I found through a blog that linked to Fat Mum Slim. Basically, for each day of the month, she posted a topic/subject that you interpret however you like, and photograph it. There are no rules, and you could either share on your favorite social media site(s) or just keep it to yourself using whatever device you chose. I mainly used my iPad and Droid camera and shared them in Instagram. Here's a sample of some of my pics.

It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone else's pics too. I took a break after January, but I'm pretty sure I'll take it up again one of these months. Oh, and I'd love it if you would if you would follow my Instagram. Just look for juneshin.

If you want to join in on the fun starting next month, the March challenge has been posted:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blogging Again!

After over a year of not blogging and many months of thinking about blogging again, I've decided to come back to it. I'm not making any promises to myself on how often I'll be writing or having making sure that I post about certain topics on a given day. I was trying to do what I thought needed to be done, and what I read needed to be done, and it just wasn't working for me. So, it'll be totally organic, and I am looking forward to see what I come up with. I hope you'll join me.