Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Shows

This month, I did 2 shows; Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp and Junktique. As I've said before, Cabbagetown is my favorite festival. The vibe is always great and we always have a bunch of friends come out for it. Like last year, we had a cooler in my booth stocked with beer and snacks. It was a beautiful day, and my booth was right in front of the amphitheater where bands were playing. It couldn't get more perfect.
Junktique was a show that I decided to do last minute. It was a fundraiser for a local elementary school which had live music, food and drinks, an artist market and a yard sale. The name threw off a lot of customers, as they thought it was only yard sale people. So that wasn't great for us artists, but I was in a room with crafty friends, so I was in good company.

Here is Kristina of Gangbusters. She makes really cool pendants and cuff links using vintage comics and resin. People just loved her stuff.

This is Kaz of Kazstyle, and she makes pouches and other goods using recycled kimonos and obis. So cool.

And here are some pics of soaps, candles and lotions from Love your Mama. Emilie's booth was next to me at the Inman Park Festival, which was awesome because her booth smells so good. I don't use bar soaps, but we did a trade and I chose the peppermint rosemary soy candle. I actually need to get some more.

So I have 2 more shows coming up, then I'll be done for the year. Can you believe the year is almost over?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday-Cyber Monday

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This year, we did sushi and I didn't experience turkey coma, which was really nice. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about the sale I'm having this weekend. Everything in my shop has been marked down 15%. Plus, I have a new Sale Section, where all the items are between 20 and 35% off! And one more thing, if you have a coupon code from me, then it is also valid during this time. So stay in your home during this huge shopping weekend and shop online!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get to Know... Fabulously Broke in the City

Hey Everyone! This week, I wanted to introduce you to Miss FB of the blog Fabulously Broke in the City. She writes about personal finance, fashion, and anything else she deems fabulous enough to publish. So I asked to interview her, and she graciously agreed. I hope you will also add her blog to your RSS feed, google reader or whatever you use to keep track of the blogs you love.

I am ... a mid-20s money & style, eco-friendly blogger who got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months. In my other life, I am a freelancing IT professional who has an awesome boyfriend who can cook like a chef, and organize our apartment like a demon.

In another life I was ... definitely a little noisy piglet. I love to eat, dream, talk and think about food all the time, to anyone who will listen or read my blog. My friends need to be kind people who don't just order salads when we go out to eat.

In a future life, I hope to be ... still doing what I do, maybe now having migrated to Dallas TX, traveling the world and finally retiring at the age of 50 somewhere in Europe.

Many people don't know that... coffee even in small doses, makes me extremely sick. I like to drink tea, but even a small shot of coffee mixed in a scoop of ice cream will make me nauseous. The excess amount of caffeine does pretty nasty things to my head and body. Go figure.

You can usually find me... at the kitchen table on my laptop, doing stuff for my company, wasting time on Twitter or blogging.

I'd like to learn to... speak another language. So far, I only know English and French.

My passion is... wearable style & fashion. You don't need to have a huge walk-in closet with a billion choices to look stylish. Or to wear harem pants or whatever the hell is in fashion right now to look stylish. You just need to buy less, buy quality pieces, look for great cuts and details, layer your clothing and accessorize instead.

I've never.... done any illegal drugs in my life. True story. I was close to it once at the age of 16, but then the parents came home. Since then, I haven't tried or had an urge to try.

If I won the lottery, I would ... continue living the way I do, save the cash and keep quiet about it. I'd put some of it in my bank account, and invest the rest in index funds and bonds. I don't need anything, I don't particularly want to own a home and I don't really need a new car. Maybe I'd take a little trip with BF somewhere.

I'd like to thank the Academy for... opening up the blogosphere to me. I've met so many wonderful people whom I can now call friends through my blog, and it still boggles my mind that I am able to connect and reach to so many people on a daily basis. I never thought this would happen in a million years and I am happy that it has happened to me.

Oktak Winner!

I'm so glad all of you loved this giveaway. I wish I could've entered, because I love Oktak's pouches. Anyway, in order to pick the winner this time, I used The number that was selected was 14, which is Feminine Personae! She's into ruffles right now and loves the pearl dots with ruffles pouch. Thank you, Aki, for letting me interview you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

mchen winner!

Ok, finally time to announce the winner of the mchenwears giveaway! I put all the names in a bowl and randomly pulled out Sydney! Congrats to her, who wants the Jiggity Jig onesie for her son. Thank you to Emily and all who entered for playing!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oktak Giveaway Reminder

Just wanted to remind you that the Oktak Giveaway is going on until Monday night. So click here to learn more about Aki and enter to win a mini or zipper pouch from her shop! I'll be announcing the winner on Tuesday. Good luck, and have a great weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Indie Craft Experience!

This Saturday is the Holiday ICE show! I am not participating as a vendor this year because of another engagement, but I will be going to see all the great vendors, some of who are now friends. If you're in the Atlanta area, you must check it out and get some handmade holiday gifts!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get to Know... Oktak

Meet Aki, the woman who designs and makes handmade bags, frame pouches and baby goods at Oktak and Oktakmini. I absolutely love her framed pouches and bought myself a medium sized one. If you haven't been to her shops yet, I highly recommend checking them out. She has also graciously agreed to finish my sentences and giveaway an item from her shop! Read on to learn more about her and how to enter to win.
I am... a designer, crafter, businesswoman, wife & mom, displaced Tokyoite and an avid cat-lover.

I was... a typical "indoor" girl who loved all forms of art - painting, drawing, sewing, dancing, playing music. I remember being four years old and loving rainy days. I was mesmerized by the shapes of rain, and loved crafting as I listened to music.

I will be... focusing more and more on giving back as I grow older. What little I've achieved in life would amount to nothing if I did not give back to anyone.
One of my favorite quotes (this is from the film, "Monsieur Ibrahim"): "What you give is yours forever, what you keep is lost forever".

I am motivated by... beautiful colors and fun designs, and the happiness they bring!

Many people don't know that... I've played the piano since I was four and am pretty good at it!

Most days, you can find me... at home, working on a new project with a cup of tea.

I'd like to learn... Japanese calligraphy, to dress myself properly in a kimono, and take up French again.

I have never... traveled to South America or Australia - those are the only 2 continents I've never set foot on. I'd love to visit some day!

If I won the lottery, I would... buy an apartment here in New York! (We've been looking for several years!) It doesn't have to be lavish, and I'd give the rest away to my favorite charities.

I'd like to thank the Academy for... recognizing my work! It truly feels wonderful to know that other people enjoy what I make as much I enjoy making them. It makes everything worthwhile. Thank you June!!
Now for the giveaway!
So a lucky reader will win a choice of a free mini or zipper pouch priced at $22 or less. To enter, just leave a comment to let me know your favorite item from her shop. You have until Nov. 23rd to enter, and please make sure you leave your name and contact info. If I can't contact you, you can't win. I will randomly pick and announce the winner on the 24th. Good luck!

For additional entries:
1. Follow @oktak on twitter, and tell me that you did.
2. Twitter about this giveaway. Please have @juneshindesigns in the tweet so I can track it.
3. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.
4. Become a follower of my blog.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

mchen giveaway extended

Hi everyone! Normally, I give people a week to enter my giveaways, but Emily is participating in a show this weekend, and therefore, her Etsy shop will be closed. So, since you can't view her items, I have extended the deadline until next Saturday. But, you can still play and view her items at her site at To read her interview and the details of the contest, please click here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paideia Art Visions

Once again, I am selling my jewelry at the annual Paideia Art Visions show. It is a fundraiser for the art programs at the Paideia School here in Atlanta, and a great to get your holiday shopping done. So if you're in Atlanta, come on by to check out the great artwork by local artists. The sale takes place at Paideia's art gallery gym on Saturday, Nov. 14th 10-5, and Sunday, Nov. 15th 12-5.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sun in My Belly

There's a great little cafe here in Atlanta called Sun in My Belly, that makes great food and is a great brunch spot. Supposedly, when Picasso was asked what compelled him to create, he responded that it was "the sun in my belly." So it is this quote that inspired me to curate an Etsy treasury. Enjoy!
1. Bobby McGee Lariat by Fringe, $42
2. Hole in One by 3dots, $13.50
3. The Mosaic Sun by ANNALEE63, $55
4. Autumn Gold Vintage Berry Bowl from bythewayside, $5
5. Complexion Bar by amethystsoap, $4.99
6. Wrist Hand Cuff by Waterrose, $62.00
7. Retro flower vines plastic fram clutch by oktak, $88
8. lemon juice earrings by betsy3, $24
9. Hand Carved mini gourd holiday ornament by midnightcoiler, $15

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get To Know... mchen

You may remember when I blogged about a trade I did with another Etsian: my Sway Necklace for her reConnect Monkeys tee dress. Well, this week, we get to know a little bit more about Emily, the designer/illustrator/screen printer and bride-to-be. I am so glad we "met" through Twitter/Etsy, because she is a funny all around awesome chick, and I'm sure that if we were to meet in person, we would have a blast just hanging out and eating great food. So read on to get a glimpse of her, and if you like what you read, be sure to check out her site and blog. She is also giving away a free item to one of my lovely readers!
I am… one lucky schmuck who always sees the glass half full.

I was… a really mean little kid, but I got a taste of my own medicine in middle school.

I will be… a married woman in less than 3 weeks!!!

My passion is… spread over way too many interests —design/illustration day job, QT with my peeps, going to live music, playing sports, t-shirt printing... I wish I could operate on 3 hours of sleep a night, like I used to in my 20’s!

Many people don’t know that I…
- have never eaten a peanut butter sandwich.
- played competitive ultimate frisbee on a women’s team that won gold at Nationals in 2005.
- do everything with my right hand... except write and draw.

Most days, you can find me… in front of my computer.

I’d like to learn to… drive stick.

I can’t believe I… recently overcame my apple allergy. I’ve eaten at least two a day since I found out!

If I won the lottery, I would… travel, share with friends & fam, get a house with studio space, and sew/design clothes for a part-time living (I don’t think I could stop working altogether!).

I’d like to thank the Academy for… surrounding me with such a solid support system and giving me so many open doors.
Now for the giveaway!
Emily is generously offering a winner either a print or tee of your choice from her shop! To enter, just let me know which item you would choose if you win. You have until Nov. 16th to enter, and please make sure you leave your name and contact info. I will announce the winner on the 17th.

For additional entries:
1. Join the m chen wears facebook group.
2. Follow "@mchenwears" on twitter, and tell me that you did.
3. Sign up for her newsletter, and tell me that you did.
4. Twitter about this giveaway. Please have @juneshindesigns in the tweet so I can track it.
5. Become a facebook fan of June Shin and write a comment on my wall.

Avie Designs Winner!

Thank you all for reading about Avie Designs and participating in the giveaway! This morning, I asked my husband, G to pick a number (without knowing what it was for), and he chose #14. Lucky number 14 is Brenda of Phydeaux Designs! Congratulations on winning a 2010 calendar! And thanks to Avis for letting us learn a little more about you.
Stay tuned to find out who the next featured artist is and what she is giving away!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avie Designs Giveaway Reminder

Tomorrow night is the deadline to enter to win a 2010 calendar from Avie Designs. I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday. Oh, and a bonus, Avis is giving away free stationery! You just pay for shipping. Head on over to her blog for the details.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chomp and Stomp 2009!

It's time! The Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp Chili Cookoff & Festival is this Saturday! It's my absolute favorite fall festival, and I'm excited to be setting up a booth for my 3rd year. So if you're in town, definitely put this on your to do list. If you want to try the chili, I suggest you come early as it tends to run out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get To Know... Avie

I am very excited to feature Avis, the founder of the stationery company, Avie Designs. I first discovered her shop from the Etsy forums and later met her in person at a craft show here in Atlanta. She designs calling cards, bookplates, address labels and more which you can find at her Etsy shop, She also has a blog: and is currently working on updating her website: So read on to learn more about her and how you can win one of her gorgeous calendars!
I am… happy most of the time.

I was
…recently at a family reunion.

I will be
… in Spain one day.

My passion is
… to make things with my hands.

Many people don’t know that I
… am a huge football fan. I drive 3 hours each way every weekend to see my team play.

Most days, you can find me… in my studio in my pjs working on orders and tending to my lovely customers.

I’d like to learn to… DANCE!

I can’t believe I… have created something that is so much fun & still called a "job"

If I won the lottery, I would… hopefully change very few things about my life and change a lot of things about others' lives.

I’d like to thank the Academy for… giving me the courage to take a chance on my dream & rewarding me for it every day.
Now for the Giveaway!
To win a calendar from Avie, visit her Etsy shop and tell me which is your favorite design and what you look forward to in 2010. Please leave your name and a way to contact you. The deadline to enter is the evening of Nov. 9th, and I will announce the winner on the 10th.
Additional entries:
1. Subscribe to the avie designs blog.
2. Follow my blog.
3. Twitter about this giveaway. Please have @juneshindesigns in the tweet.
4. Become a Facebook Fan of June Shin.

Lillyella Giveaway Winner!

Wow, there were a lot of entries for this giveaway! Thank you all for reading and entering, and thanks to Nicole for participating! There were almost 140 entries, so I used instead of putting everyone's names in a bowl. That would've taken much to long. Anyway, congratulations to F.Sarah who said she would choose the Filigree Fleur Silver Ring!
Be sure to check back a little later to read about my next feature artist.