Monday, December 15, 2008


I've read all about this tagging business, but never have been tagged before. Well, lovely Ashley from Hiking in Stilettos has tagged me, so you all get to learn a little more about me. So here goes:

10 years ago I got my first "real job" at a software company in Manhattan. The company just hired a whole bunch of newbies, so we were like the freshmen, but now we were earning money. When I wasn't working, I was out making new friends with co-workers at happy hours and partying in the clubs. Good times.
No Idea was a bar we frequented.

8 years ago I was living in my first post college apartment in Queens with a roommate. Now I could stay out later since I didn't have to worry about catching the last train back to my parents house on Long Island, and cabs were only $20 if I was really drunk. That apartment also happened to be down the street from my boyfriend's, which was purely coincidental, but lots of fun.

6 years ago I was still working at the same company but I moved back home to save money in aspirations of buying a place in the city. I didn't buy an apartment, but did buy my first car a year later.

2 years ago
I moved to Atlanta where my boyfriend was living. I started making jewelry while looking for a job, and ended up turning my hobby into a business. And so, here we are.

5 yummy things:
chocolate ice cream
mushroom ravioli in cream sauce
bul-go-gi (Korean marinated beef)
chicken tikka masala
red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

5 places I would like to escape to:
Mexican Riviera

5 things I would never wear:
high heeled sneakers
Christmas sweaters

daisy dukes
mesh shirts

5 favorite tv shows:

No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
Grey's Anatomy

5 things I enjoy doing:

making jewelry

5 favorite toys:
my new macbook
digital camera
Hmm, I'm not much of a toy person, so that's all I have.

5 people I'm tagging:
Love Yu
Feminine Personae
Asian Cajuns


l'actrice said...

Exciting life! Very cool to read about it, June!


Xiane said...

Oooh, fun! Thank you for the tag - I'll answer in just a little bit! I love questions about interesting personal trivia like this.

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for tagging us June! I love finding out more about creative bloggers/jewelers extraordinaire! Cath and I are both very jealous you lived in nyc. That was our college dream ;)

Brenda said...

Here I was kicking back and enjoying reading this, then I find out I get to answer one, too! :) Thanks June -- I'll work on it tomorrow!

Feminine Personae said...

nice list June! finished mine and posted it today...definitely gave me an idea of what to post next...

WendyB said...

This was fun to read!

Ashley said...

I loved reading about your life, June! I am jealous of your time in NYC, too.