Wednesday, June 10, 2009

B-day wishlist - pottery

I have great admiration for those who do pottery. I've tried it once in art class, and it is hard! So I will stick with jewelry and look to others to do the pottery. Here are some favorites I found on Etsy.
1. Sweet Pea in Smoky Red, $30 by kimwestad
2. Ceramic Candle Holder, $19 by Soule
3. Cream Sushi Set for 4 including Tray and Chopsticks-Curvature Series, $250 by Juditavill
4. Coffee cup with a gnome, $32 by almapottery
5. Set of Two Tumblers Periwinkle and Orange, $20 by Utilemud
6. Nesting Heart Bowl Set- Raspberry Red, $48 by redhotpottery


AsianCajuns said...

Ooo these are gorgeous, June! I hope you get some for your birthday!

Peg said...

Great choices! There is some really nice pottery on Etsy... Good luck on getting a couple for your big day!