Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Seattle Pics

So I'm back from Seattle and loved it. The weather was perfect, people are really nice and great food. On my first day there, G and I were shown around town by our friend's parents. First stop was Ballard to check out the farmer's market and local boutiques.
Ballard Farmer's Market

We then had dinner over at the Pike Place Market and had an awesome view of the sunset.

Below are pictures of me being silly in front of some totem poles in Pioneer Square.
Of course I took a bunch more pictures, but the typical tourist stuff like the troll under the bridge and the rocket at the center of the Universe. Anyway, back in the South and real life. We definitely plan on going back to visit Seattle again.


Aik said...

I came via Pour Some Sugar On Me.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I love your jewelry... it is so unique, and your photos are very pretty. The sunset is gorgeous!
I'm visiting from Pour Some Sugar on Me, thanks for the chance at a piece of your jewelry...

Winter Witch said...

Pour Some Sugar on Me sent me. I'm glad too your jewelery is beautiful!

WendyB said...

Beautiful sunset photo!