Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get To Know... Avie

I am very excited to feature Avis, the founder of the stationery company, Avie Designs. I first discovered her shop from the Etsy forums and later met her in person at a craft show here in Atlanta. She designs calling cards, bookplates, address labels and more which you can find at her Etsy shop, www.avie.etsy.com. She also has a blog: www.aviedesigns.blogspot.com and is currently working on updating her website: www.aviedesigns.com. So read on to learn more about her and how you can win one of her gorgeous calendars!
I am… happy most of the time.

I was
…recently at a family reunion.

I will be
… in Spain one day.

My passion is
… to make things with my hands.

Many people don’t know that I
… am a huge football fan. I drive 3 hours each way every weekend to see my team play.

Most days, you can find me… in my studio in my pjs working on orders and tending to my lovely customers.

I’d like to learn to… DANCE!

I can’t believe I… have created something that is so much fun & still called a "job"

If I won the lottery, I would… hopefully change very few things about my life and change a lot of things about others' lives.

I’d like to thank the Academy for… giving me the courage to take a chance on my dream & rewarding me for it every day.
Now for the Giveaway!
To win a calendar from Avie, visit her Etsy shop and tell me which is your favorite design and what you look forward to in 2010. Please leave your name and a way to contact you. The deadline to enter is the evening of Nov. 9th, and I will announce the winner on the 10th.
Additional entries:
1. Subscribe to the avie designs blog.
2. Follow my blog.
3. Twitter about this giveaway. Please have @juneshindesigns in the tweet.
4. Become a Facebook Fan of June Shin.


Avie said...

looks great! thanks!

Sydney said...

Ooo, I tried to win her own giveaway a little while ago, maybe I'll have better luck this time ;) I really love her Hexagon Brown Stationery Set, so pretty.

Sydney S

Sydney said...

(sorry for got to include these)

I subscribe to Avie design blog thru google reader

I follow the june shin blog

I'm a fan of jun on FB


Caitlin at Salty Oat said...

oh, i love avis's designs! the vines and orange petals are two of my favorites.

i'm now a follower of your blog. :)


(you can contact me through my blog.)

Shirley said...

yay! another opportunity to try and win one of her calendars!

my fave design is the stripes. my other fave design is the orange petals.

you can contact me via email: dreamernvixen at yahoo dot com.

Johanne said...

Two of my favorite things are the Mums calling cards and the 2010 calendar. The designs are original and the colors are refreshing. I can be reached at Jodemart@aol.com

Jessica said...

Isn't Avie great? I love ordering her stuff and have done so more than once. My next purchase is going to be some bookplates in the flourish pattern. So cute!


Jessica said...

I'm a follower of Avie's blog.


Jessica said...

I'm a follower of your blog.


Theresa N. said...

I like the Mum Calling Cards. My favorite event I'm looking forward to in 2010 is a new grandbaby!!:)
Theresa N

Brenda said...

Another great spotlight!

Oh, I like her Christmas postcard - to the point, modern, simple, elegant. :) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32724845

I follow your blog and I'm a face book fan. I'll tweet in a minute!

:) Brenda, brenda at phydeauxdesigns dot com

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

everything in her shop is adorable! I love the baby announcements and those bright print calling cards are wonderful!

I follow your blog and facebook.
I'll follow Avie Design as soon as I post this.

Thanks for the giveaway! :)


kerry said...

I've fallen for avie's shop ever since I found out about it!

1. check! Subscribe to the avie designs blog.
2. always was ;) Follow my blog.
3. check! Twitter about this giveaway. Please have @juneshindesigns in the tweet.
4. no check. i'm totally not an FB user >_< Become a Facebook Fan of June Shin.

mchen said...

Lovely lovely :) This was my first time visiting avie's shop, and it's now firmly hearted! Thanks for the intro...

Wow, the calendar is gorgeous. I also love the simplicity and pallette of the Leaf Wedding Suite.

Looking forward to taking a honeymoon in early 2010 — we'll need the break after a ridiculous Autumn.

Already your fan, on fb and in general.


Thanks for the opportunity!

Samantula said...

OOO I never win at these but lets try!
I really like the birds and the trees design, or the chains. :)
3. I twittered this! i'm 'Samantula'
4. I'm a FB fan!! :)

My email is life_isbut_adream@hotmail.com, or you can contact me through facebook! :)

Anonymous said...







x said...

I'm definitely looking forward to several things next year, such as being a college junior, studying abroad during the summer for art, my 21st birthday, 4-year-anniversary with my love, and.. the list goes on. ;) A calendar would be nice!

I love her peacock diamond 2 design, it's so gorgeous. The colors are lovely!

spektorish @ gmail . com

x said...

I am following her blog now.

spektorish @ gmail . com

x said...

And following your's, too! :)

spektorish @ gmail . com

x said...

Tweet! http://twitter.com/spektorish/status/5509475847

spektorish @ gmail . com

Beth Kearns said...

Oh! I love Avis' stuff. i have one of her calendars for 2009 (in a CD jewel case) on my desk right now. i love it and I was really hoping she was going to put some out for 2010!

I subscribe to BOTH of your blogs.
My favorite item on Avie Designs Etsy site is this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24039774

You can contact me at etkearns (at) gmail (dot) com.


In 2010 I look forward to my next vacation with my husband (we haven't decided where yet, but I'm sure it will be fabulous!).

Now, i just gotta handle the last two requirements. :)