Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sun in My Belly

There's a great little cafe here in Atlanta called Sun in My Belly, that makes great food and is a great brunch spot. Supposedly, when Picasso was asked what compelled him to create, he responded that it was "the sun in my belly." So it is this quote that inspired me to curate an Etsy treasury. Enjoy!
1. Bobby McGee Lariat by Fringe, $42
2. Hole in One by 3dots, $13.50
3. The Mosaic Sun by ANNALEE63, $55
4. Autumn Gold Vintage Berry Bowl from bythewayside, $5
5. Complexion Bar by amethystsoap, $4.99
6. Wrist Hand Cuff by Waterrose, $62.00
7. Retro flower vines plastic fram clutch by oktak, $88
8. lemon juice earrings by betsy3, $24
9. Hand Carved mini gourd holiday ornament by midnightcoiler, $15

1 comment:

Brenda said...

These are all great picks - I love the sunny, honey, ambery colors!