Monday, April 5, 2010

New Studio Space

About a month ago, I moved my studio space out of my house and into a little corner of a friend's studio. Mary, from Felted Heart has this awesome space, so I asked to see if she would be willing to rent out a little corner of it. So now my home is a home again, and now I have a place to go to spend dedicated time to making jewelry without any distractions of television or internet. Before, all my shipping supplies were in the basement, but now I have it all in one contained space for a lot more efficiency. Plus, my friend, Alex, of Lil Sprout Knits will also be renting space. I love having a studio to go to with studio mates to socialize with while working!

1 comment:

mchen said...

Oh wow, June. This is PRICELESS. To have a dedicated space apart from your living space AND to share it with other creative-heads... I'm very very envious. Another reason I wish we were neighbours — I'd be game to jump in on this opportunity too. (The other reason, of course, is so we could eat delicious food together, ha ha!)