Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zodiac Necklaces

I know I've been a bit MIA, but after a bit of a creative rut, I have started working on new pieces. A new series to my collection are Zodiac necklaces. I used to love reading those astrology books that explained the traits of each sign and which ones were and weren't compatible. So here's a look at the brass ones that I've made. They are black and ivory acrylic cameos that are set on brass and accented with a cute glass heart bead. They are available for purchase from my shop, so please check it out. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



wow, those are gorgeous!! =)

you are very, very talented!

please check out my blog,! =)

Marissa said...

LOVE the Zodiac thing! Do you have all the signs or just the ones you show? I would love to buy the Cancer one if you've got or can get it.

June Shin said...

lacouturier, Thanks so much!

Marissa, I have the cancer in gunmetal right now, but if you want it in brass, I can get it.