Friday, March 23, 2012

Studio Time

Nowadays, you will see all the cars here with this greenish, yellow halo, which means that Spring has officially arrived. This means that I'm in the studio a lot making lots of pieces for the Inman Park Festival. I will be continuing my spring cleaning theme, so I am actually going to have a whole sale section this year. I'm going to have a bunch of $10 earrings and items that are 50% off, so mark your calendars. April 28th and 29th are the dates. Below are a few pics of what I've been working on and my process.

My messy work table.

Working on my bubbles pieces.


Waterrose said...

Looks like a great new design...and stopping by to say hello!

June Shin said...

Hey Rose! Long time no see. I'm getting back into the blogosphere, so thanks so much for stopping by!

ShoeTease said...

Can't wait to see what those bubble pieces will result in!!

xo ShoeTease