Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend in Asheville, NC

Our Asheville weekend was filled with good food, fun town and great nature watching. I think the leaves will start peaking in a week or two, but we did drive a bit on the Blue Ridge Parkway, aka "America's Favorite Drive." We only drove a bit of it, and if it were warmer, we probably would've done a little hiking. G and I didn't make it to the Biltmore Estate this time around. We would've only had a few hours to see it, and for a $42 entrance fee, I think I would like to be there for longer than that. Just another reason to go back and then check out the Biltmore village as well. Anyway, here are a few shots of the trip.
A cool looking Bistro in Downtown Asheville.

A shot of the Grove Arcade, home to retail shops, restaurants, offices and luxury apartments.

A picture from our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Wall St. in Downtown Asheville

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Ashley said...

That looks like a great trip. I bet that the leaves were so beautiful!