Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashionada '08

This past Saturday, there was a fund raising event called Fashionada '08. It is put on every year by the "You Can Make A Difference" Foundation to raise money for cancer research and to create awareness for early detection of melanoma. The founders had a daughter who died of melanoma skin cancer at the age of 33. My fabulous make up artist friends, Tracy and Natalie, did the make up for many of the models and invited me to tag along. Some of the designs featured were coats from Zara and dresses from Betsy Johnson. I am a huge fan of Zara coats, and they had some great ones on display. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but I did get some of the dresses.

And Natalie ended modeling one of the lovely Betsy Johnson pieces! You go girl! She did great and walked a lot better than some of the other models. Now, I know this ain't America's Next Top Model, but really, how hard it is it to walk? Doesn't she look fabulous?


WendyB said...

Fabulous, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! I also run a charity dedicated to raising funds for malignant melanoma research - this has given me some ideas for fund raisers that we could look at. Well done to all involved.

Songy said...

She does look fab.

Oh another jewellery designer.. I love getting to know etsy designers. it's not easy visiting each one of them but I do appreciate individual contacts happening this way. :)

Nice to meet you.