Friday, January 2, 2009

Shoe Lust - Bridal Edition

The dress has been found, so now I just need to find the perfect shoe to go with it. It'll be hard to choose just one but it has to be done. Here are a few that I found online. I also love strappy sandals, but since I'm getting married in February in NY, I think I'll go for a little more coverage. Now, the first two are my fantasy ones, but way out of my budget. They actually cost more than my dress! And besides, if I'm going shell out that much for Christians or Manolos, I am going to get as much wear out of them as possible.
Christian Louboutin Satin d'Orsay, $895

Manolo Blahnik Satin d'Orsay, $745
Touch Ups Jasmine, $81.00

Grazia Valentine, $210

Stuart Weitzman Sashay, $208.40


WendyB said...

Love the Louboutins. I wore silver shoes with my wedding dress.

June Shin said...

I do have a pair of silver jeweled sandals that I'm going to try on with the dress. But then I have no excuse to buy a new pair.

l'actrice said...

So cool to hear about you getting married soon June!! I really love all these cool shoes! They are just a bit too expensive for me:-)
But it's a lot of fun to just play around:-)


AsianCajuns said...

Even if you go with silver, you still have an excuse to buy new shoes. You don't want to be wearing sandals in NY!

Have you had any luck with ebay? I bet there are a good selection of high end white shoes that haven't been worn except on someone's wedding day. you never know!

Anonymous said...

My fave are the Grazia Valentine ones... I think for my wedding, I'm going to get some matching coloured shoes and embellish them with vintage rhinestone buttons!

AsianCajuns said...

June, I just tagged you! ;)

paanie said...

the louboutins are wonderfully sassy, but i also like the grazia ones.