Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Etsy Feature - LamaWorks

Today's feature is fun for me because Laura, from LamaWorks, also features fellow Etsy artists on her blog on Thursdays. So this week, we decided to interview each other. She makes a variety of things from knitted goods, to stationery to totes, so there is something for everyone.Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from.
I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I went to Marquette University in Milwaukee and graduated with a bachelors and masters in Biomedical Engineering. So by day I’m a biomedical engineer at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I work with children with neurological disabilities in evaluating how they walk by turning them into a 3D computer image as they walk. I work closely with orthopedic surgeons in deciding what types of surgeries or therapies could help them walk better. By night I’m a crafty girl that loves just about any craft I can get my hands on. I usually go through phases of what I’m working on depending on my mood. Lately it’s been a lot of knitting, scrapbooking, card making and sewing.

How long have you been making totes and how did you get started?
I actually just started making tote bags last summer. I quilt, but I never learned how to read a sewing pattern, so I took a beginners sewing class last winter. I desperately wanted new tote myself and stumbled on this pattern that was a cross between sewing and quilting so it was great! I went through many drafts of the bag and kept changing it to suit what I was looking for and ultimately what was most cost efficient for the materials I had and before you know it, the batik tote bag was born! I took it to work and all of the girls loved it and suggested I try to sell some, which is where my Etsy store officially started.

According to your profile, you are well traveled and lived everywhere. Where was your favorite place to live?
I have lived mostly in the Midwest, with the exception to the summer I spent in Washington, DC. I think Milwaukee will always be my favorite place to live. It’s a small but big town if that makes sense. It has all of the amenities of a larger city, still has the small town charm to it. My parents now live up in northern WI, so that is my favorite place to visit as far as vacation spots go.

What is your most recent Etsy purchase?
My most recent purchase is actually a Vintage Babar Illustration from SimplySuzula's shop at

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Crafting actually takes care of most of my spare time. I am also involved in a women’s philanthropic and community service organization in my community. With that I spend a lot of time organizing fund raising events and helping out with other service projects.

What are your favorite foods?
Too many to list! I just learned how to make Crème Brulee this past weekend, so that is high on my list. Right now I really love soups and casseroles. Good hearty winter foods. I love to cook, so good home made meals are my favorites.

What plans or aspirations do you have for your business?
That is a developing image for me. For the short term I’d love to just get my name out there and get a steady flow of business. I’ve seen my sales increase almost every month since I opened, which is really encouraging. I’d really like to participate in a craft show this year, so I’m scoping things out and trying to decide what products in my store I should focus on. In the long term, I’d love to turn my business into my day job. I think ultimately I’d love to be a stay at home mom with my store on the side (which is definitely a future plan as I don’t even have kids yet …). I also think it would be a great achievement to see my scarves or socks for sale in a local boutique.
Do you have other places online where we can find you? (twitter, flickr, blog, etc.) If so, please list them here.
You can also find me on my blog at

Thanks Laura! Now go to her blog, and you can read all about me!


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June, your interview of Laura is really interesting and fun to read. It's so nice to get to know our team mates even better. Wonderful. :c)


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Great interview! It's so nice to get to know each other. I loved reading how Laura helps children.

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