Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Shows

This month, I did 2 shows; Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp and Junktique. As I've said before, Cabbagetown is my favorite festival. The vibe is always great and we always have a bunch of friends come out for it. Like last year, we had a cooler in my booth stocked with beer and snacks. It was a beautiful day, and my booth was right in front of the amphitheater where bands were playing. It couldn't get more perfect.
Junktique was a show that I decided to do last minute. It was a fundraiser for a local elementary school which had live music, food and drinks, an artist market and a yard sale. The name threw off a lot of customers, as they thought it was only yard sale people. So that wasn't great for us artists, but I was in a room with crafty friends, so I was in good company.

Here is Kristina of Gangbusters. She makes really cool pendants and cuff links using vintage comics and resin. People just loved her stuff.

This is Kaz of Kazstyle, and she makes pouches and other goods using recycled kimonos and obis. So cool.

And here are some pics of soaps, candles and lotions from Love your Mama. Emilie's booth was next to me at the Inman Park Festival, which was awesome because her booth smells so good. I don't use bar soaps, but we did a trade and I chose the peppermint rosemary soy candle. I actually need to get some more.

So I have 2 more shows coming up, then I'll be done for the year. Can you believe the year is almost over?


Red Ruby Rose said...

Your stand looks so great, plus you're in the lovely sunshine....I type this in rainy England as a storm lashes against the window and I have an extra jumper on...brrrrr!

Kaz said...

Thanks June ^_^

Kristina said...

That was a fun day, in great company. I'm sending your blog to my mom now.


Ashley said...

They both look like fun! I am sad that I missed them... Hopefully I will make the next ones!!