Saturday, October 25, 2008

Etsy Front Page!

I created a blue treasury a few days ago and it made it to Etsy's front page! In Etsy world, this is very exciting! Unfortunately I didn't get a screen shot of the actual front page, but here's the image of the list:Sellers featured in this treasury are:
Lillyella, mystudio, DewberryVintage
TickledPinkKnits, dennisanderson, crankbunny
stephaniegibson, polarity, f2images
macraMe, avie, blockpartypress

On another note, I'll be posting a new poll soon where you'll be able to win a piece of jewelry, so stay tuned!


WendyB said...


AsianCajuns said...

How exciting! I love that owl necklace. Can't wait for the poll!

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding me and here is the FP screen shot.

June Shin said...

Thanks for the link, Dennis!

f2images said...

I remember that one! Thank you, it was beautiful, and I loved that cat skirt!!!

The4inONE said...

Also if a bit later: Thank you for featuring this wonderful front page!

macraMe :-) :-)